Lazuli is the main character of Larimar & Lazuli. He's is Larimar's long lost brother.

Personality Edit

Lazuli is a very cheerful creature that is always smiling. he very enthusiastic to anything that is thrown his way. Lazuli are always looking for the bright side of life. Lazuli are very optimistic and that’s what people love about him. Lazuli can get very anxious and can’t wait to jump into things. He can get hyper very easily but people love him for his spunk and his personality. His world is colored with happy, warm, fun colors. Charming and eloquent, Lazuli able to get people to do things his way. While he seem spontaneous and free wheeling, he calculating to the extreme. Lazuli is brave and fearless. He tough when it counts, and that's pretty much all the time. If he gets knocked down, he'll know how to dust his selves off and get right back up.

Appearance Edit

Lazuli has dark green skin, black hair, dark green ears, black nose, yellow eyes with black pupils, 6 eyelashes, two sharp teeth, black dress and a dark green tail.

Trivia Edit